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4 signs of you are suffering from Smiling Depression

Depression is not about feeling tired and sad or staying in bed for all day long due to lack of energy. There are many humans who have negative views about themselves and who are feeling sad, but they seem to be happy, successful and fine. And they are not fine, because they are also suffering from DEPRESSION, Smiling Depression.

Smiling Depression is a form of depression in which a person suffers from depression but that could not be seen or expressed in public because they mask their all worries and problems.

But don’t worry, there are a few signs which you can observe to know whether your friend needs help or not. These signs are:

Change in Weight

Depression has an effect on appetite. Either it will increase or decrease. Due to which many sufferers are prone to gain weight or lose some pounds or kilograms.
If your friend has put on too much weight or has developed too much craving for calorie-rich foods, it means he needs help. On the other hand, if your friend is not eating even adequate amount of foods and shedding his or her weight too much, then you should give him or her some time to help him to cope with the problems going on in your friend’s mind and life.

Loss of Interest

If he is not enjoying the daily which he used to, it has no more interest in watching football or series then it means you carefree and happy-go-on friend is suffering from depression.

Change in sleeping hours

If he or she is sleeping for more than 10 hours or sleeping for less than 2 hours or facing insomnia, then it shows that your friend needs to take help of any professional psychiatrist.

No more Gatherings

Smiling depression sufferers afraid that no one would come to know about their reality, that’s why they do not prefer to go in gatherings and parties. If your friend is saying NO to go for outing with you many times, then it means he has been going through something.

So these are the four main signs, you can point out in smiling depression sufferers. There would be many other symptoms of it, but could not be seen because of their pretending skills.
According to different research papers and well researched BTEC level 3 health and social care, smiling depression has the same symptoms as normal depressions but the difference lies in energy level. Their energy level does not change, due to which they are able to go to their work or schools. Therefore, they are more to attempt suicide, because many depression sufferers do not attempt suicide because it requires energy and they do not have that energy.

So, if you have observed all four of the signs in your friend, then you should

  • give him more time
  • act like his friend
  • not try to fix him or her
  • listen to him if he or she is ready to share the problem

All you have to be is cooperative. Depression is not sadness. It is a psychological disease in which a sufferer might lose confidence, self-esteem, interest and appetite. Therefore, there are many forms of it. One of them is smiling depression, which we discussed above.
Help those who needs your help!

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