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4 Things to Consider When Choosing the Eye Doctor

If you’re reading this, you might be planning to consult a good eye doctor. A few important things must be considered to choose the right doctor.

Choosing a reputable eye doctor is as good as selecting a health physician. Eyes are not only your window to the world but also a reflection of your overall health. Since our eyes are one of the essential parts of our body, the decision to choose an experienced eye doctor shouldn’t be taken lightly. Experts have highlighted a few important things that you should keep in mind when selecting an eye doctor. So let’s dive in;

Types of Eye Doctors

Since you’re looking for the best eye consultants in Dubai, it’s imperative to know what type of eye doctor you’re willing to or should consult. There’re mainly two types of eye doctors;

Optometrists: They will help you treat some eye diseases through medication, and they don’t specialize in performing surgeries. It normally takes a college degree, four more years in Optometry school and participation in programs specializing in different types of eye disease to become an optometrist.

Ophthalmologists: They specialize in treating all types of eye disease, whether it’s through prescribing medication, and performing surgeries. To become an Ophthalmologist, one needs a college degree, spend 4-years in Medical School, and then spend 4 more years in a residency program. To specialize further, some ophthalmologists can spend up a few more years if they’re interested in specializing in a particular type of Ophthalmology.

Which Is Right For You?

When choosing an eye doctor, it’s essential for you to consider the type of care you need. For a general eye examination, you can visit the ophthalmologist or optometrist depending on the severity of your disease. In case you are suffering from a specific eye disease, you should consider visiting an ophthalmologist for ongoing care. When it comes to fitting contact lense and getting better knowhow on all the options regarding glasses, spectacle lenses & contact lenses, you’d be better off with Optometrists.

Research the Optometrist or Ophthalmologist’s Credentials

Board certification is the most critical factor when you are choosing an ophthalmologist or Optometrist. This way, you can figure out whether the doctor has the necessary skills & experience to provide the best care possible or not.  Besides, the subspecialty fellowship training is also extremely valuable. Make sure you confirm that the ophthalmologist or optometrist doesn’t have any history of malpractice claims or even the disciplinary actions.

Consider the Consultant’s Gender

Honestly, it has nothing to do with the discrimination, but it’s important to feel comfortable with your consultant’s gender as you’ll need to openly discuss personal information as well. When it comes to eye diseases & conditions, your own gender is also an important consideration.

Either Ophthalmologists or Optometrists – Eye doctors are becoming more skilled in caring for women & men differently. So make sure you ask the consultant about his/her recent training as well as experience related to your condition and especially your gender.

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