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Action Bronson Showed Off His 90-Pound Weight Loss in a New Workout Video

Since he originally opened up about his weight reduction progress back in May, rapper Action Bronson has been remaining predictable with his exercises, routinely refreshing his fans with recordings from his extreme instructional meetings in the rec center that have highlighted everything from jammer squeezes, fight ropes, and pushups to tire flips and horizontal raises.

In his most recent Instagram post, the host of Viceland’s Fuck That’s Delicious uncovered that he’s currently surrounding 100 pounds lost—up from 50 just half a month prior, when Bronson pronounced his entitlement to seek after a “hot body.” “90 POUNDS DOWN. Quality DEVELOPING NICELY. YOU HAVE THE POWER TO MAKE ANY CHANGES YOU WANT IN YOUR LIFE. TAKE CONTROL,” Bronson subtitled the video in his signature, shouting all-tops style.

In the going with video cut, Bronson has returned to his trusty free weights by and by, placing in the work with a progression of horizontal raises, 80-pound hand weight squeezes, more pushups, and tire flips, all while being encouraged on by his mentor Dave Paladino. He finishes up the clasp by moving at his disposal and giving a flex for the camera. Not surprisingly, a few different VIPs and influencers rushed to voice their help for Bronson in the remarks, including the UFC’s Frankie Edgar and humorist George Lopez.

Be that as it may, maybe no one put it better than the WWE’s Samoa Joe, who included, “We will currently delay and watch this ravenous wilderness predator in his common natural surroundings sharpening his abilities for the murder.”

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