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AMA announces new CPT codes for tests aimed at detecting COVID-19 and flu

The American Medical Association (AMA) reported new CPT codes for multi-infection tests used to distinguish COVID-19 and influenza with a solitary test.

The AMA update was distributed to the Current Procedural Terminology (CPT) code set that likewise incorporates publication modifications for revealing clinical administrations that have become part of the general wellbeing reaction to the COVID-19 pandemic. The new CPT code set was affirmed for guaranteed use.

Two of the recently affirmed codes report nucleic corrosive examines that permit a solitary test to at the same time recognize the COVID-19 infection and basic viral irresistible specialists that cause seasonal influenza and respiratory syncytial infection, or RSV.

“Simultaneous recognition vows to preserve significant testing assets, taking into consideration progressing reconnaissance of flu while testing for the novel Covid,” AMA President Susan Bailey, M.D., said in an announcement.

The CPT publication board is an autonomous body assembled by the AMA with the sole position to oversee amendments to the CPT code set. The new codes come over a half year after the AMA affirmed a CPT code permitting doctors to charge for Covid.

The CPT publication board additionally reexamined CPT codes extending from 87301 to 87430 by eliminating the indistinct term “multi step technique” from code descriptors. The modification explains the best possible announcing for antigen tests that are perused by a machine when contrasted with those which can be outwardly deciphered without a machine. This amendment influences the recently evolved descriptor for CPT code 87426.

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