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Chester County Family Fighting To Save 12-Year-Old Son’s Life After Rare Disease Diagnosis

A Chester County kid is confronting a fight with a horrendous illness. Presently, his family is fund-raising for a clinical preliminary that could spare his life.

Connor, a cute, adorable 12-year-old, is an ace on his bike. His days are loaded up with sports and exercises. He is an inquisitive, vigorous youngster.

In the foundation of clamoring existence with his more youthful sibling Keenan, mother, Marisa DiChiacchio, and father, Michael Dobbyn, are in the battle of their lives to spare Connor’s life.

“It resembled a bomb was dropped on us in the geneticist office,” Dobbyn said. “I simply recollect it was a daily existence shortening condition, the geneticist really let us know at that point, ‘don’t Google this yet in light of the fact that we don’t have a 100% conviction on this determination yet.'”

This Chester County family was walloped a year ago when Connor was determined to have Sanfilippo condition, an uncommon sickness influencing the mind and spinal string. It’s contrasted with Alzheimer’s malady yet in youngsters, and it’s lethal.

Connor had been determined to have Autism quite a long while prior and Connor’s instructors abruptly saw an adjustment in him. This was a warning that would transform them.

The degeneration quickly advances with Sanfilippo disorder. Connor will quit strolling, quit talking and quit having the option to take care of himself.

“Create development issues and in the end he’ll wind up … he’ll bite the dust,” DiChiacchio said.

Dobbyn and DiChiacchio have attempted to do whatever they can to spare Connor’s life.

That incorporates dispatching a GoFundMe page that has a grandiose objective of raising $3 million to support a first-of-its-sort quality treatment clinical preliminary for Connor’s kind of Sanfilippo condition.

“We realized Connor clearly was extraordinary and cherished and revered by endless individuals, yet here and there you simply don’t understand until something destroying like this comes out,” DiChiacchio stated, “and just everyone appears unexpectedly attempting to help and needing to help. So he resembles our nearby network demigod.”

In only four days, the family has just raised more than $160,000 on the long way to that $3 million imprint.

This family has profound confidence Connor will keep growing up, playing sports and riding bikes.

They’ve decided to accept that, revealing to Eyewitness News, they will fight constantly for their adorable young man.

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