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Coronavirus detected in South East Queensland sewage samples

Tests of sewage taken from Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast have tried positive for Covid.

Hints of Covid were found in Townsville’s sewage recently, which Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said might have been from an asymptomatic individual actually shedding the infection.

Wastewater in Townsville, in north Queensland, has since tried negative however tests from October 12 and 13 taken at Sandgate, Maroochydore and Wynnum in the state’s south-east tried positive.

“It could obviously be somebody who as of late had the disease and afterward has gone to those spots, so they’re not irresistible, they’ve recouped but rather they’re actually shedding infection, it may be the case that,” Dr Young said.

“However, it could obviously be an individual that we’ve not gotten, that is out there in the network.

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“We have most as of late observed, both in Victoria and New South Wales, that when they’ve had positive outcomes in their sewage, they’ve gone out at that point and accomplished additionally testing and they have discovered cases.

“That could be going on here in Queensland, so despite the fact that it’s currently longer than a month since we’ve had an irresistible case in the network, we could have an irresistible case again quickly.”

Queensland recorded no new instances of Covid short-term.

The state’s absolute stays at 1,164 with four cases actually recorded as dynamic.

Dr Young said it was “totally basic’ any new cases were identified as quickly as time permits for the wellbeing framework to have the option to oversee them.

“We don’t have the foggiest idea how long, somebody can keep on shedding the infection, we know from different circumstances you can shed infection for quite a long time and months, it’s likely the situation here,” she said.

Blood tests from a lady who tried positive, a few days in the wake of leaving Queensland and showing up in Victoria, have additionally now tried negative in serology tests.

Dr Young said the examples were taken before the lady left Queensland and before she was demonstrating any side effects.

“It doesn’t affirm anything other than it just recommends that she didn’t have the disease while she was in Queensland,” she said.

The lady had visited a few areas in Townsville and Cairns, including clinical offices, before traveling to Melbourne on October 7 .

Dr Young said Queensland Health was all the while looking out for results from tests in Melbourne to affirm the lady’s case.

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