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COVID-19 pandemic continues to create additional challenges for people with Alzheimer’s

Helped care offices have seen various COVID-19 episodes over the states and here in mid-Missouri. This is making it difficult to take into consideration more loosened up appearance rules.

Those with the Alzheimer’s Association are pushing for change.

VP of Public Policy for the Alzheimer’s Association of Greater Missouri, Jerry Dowell, said it’s vital to have families see their friends and family.

He said those with Alzheimer’s or different types of dementia, need relatives to have the option to spot switches that surface.

“They may have conduct issues that are attached to them not feeling great, or something different isn’t right with them, and that is their method of attempting to impart to an external person that something’s incorrectly,” Dowell said.

As indicated by insights on the Centers for Disease Control’s site, in 2016, those with Alzheimer’s sickness or Dementia, made up 47.8 percent of nursing home occupants.

That is the reason, Dowell stated, the affiliation is calling for COVID-19 fast testing to occur.

“At the point when you have a person that needs to come in to visit, they get a fast test and they get an outcome 10, 15, after 20 minutes, and on the off chance that they’re adverse, they can enter the office,” Dowell said.

He said the affiliation is pushing to get more innovation into care offices. This would take into account more correspondence among inhabitants and families.

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