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Drowning in Stress with the Big Bad Academics

Three out of four college students say that they are stressed. Stress is a prevalent issue in in all parts of the world and affects majority of the populace especially in the current times. Education is necessary to move forward and to progress in life but the ever-growing competition coupled with the advanced levels of the curriculum greatly affect the mental health of students nowadays.

What do we mean by ‘Stress’?

When we speak about stress, biologically speaking we refer to the reaction given by a body when exposed to an external change in situation or a stimulus. Stress is not necessarily a negative aspect, and it in fact prepares the body for reacting towards a sudden situation which we often term as ‘fight or flight’. Positive stress is when we are alerted to be reacting to prompt situations but if we are under constant situations of stress, then the stress levels are deemed as negative stress. Negative stress or ‘distress’ is when the person is subject to constant stress without relief or relaxation in between which impacts the body in a negative manner and thus has harmful effects.

Academic Pressure causing Distress

Even though we are moving forward in time and progressing in every field, we are yet to combat the issues associated with mental health which is evident by the fact that every other person you will meet will be distressed due to some reason or the other. One of the main factors contributing nowadays is ‘academics’. Education has become rather accessible and easier to acquire if we make comparison to about a century ago, but the pressure to perform well and the difficulty level has also escalated in parallel. Students are dealing with increased anxiety levels and depression due to the demanding nature of institutions and teachers in general which coerces them to work beyond their given capacity, depriving themselves of necessary sleep and relief periods all of which amount to mental health and later on physical health issues as well. With the advent of technology, while majority of our day to day tasks have been put at ease but the pursuit for being ‘better’ is never-ending and most often at times, hazardous. Students at post graduate levels often struggle with perfecting their dissertations which is the ultimate gateway to their degree and not receiving the crucial support from the supervisors such as thesis writing help can cause the student to face mental chaos. It is a given that we need to drive students towards achieving better results which cannot be done without any compelling force triggering the students, but it is compulsory to draw a line so that no student is drawn to the point of giving up or worse-suicide.

What can students do to deal with stress?

Dealing with stress can be conducted in a plethora of methods. These range from medical to spiritual to practical to basically miscellaneous. A student could be an audiophile, tuning to some melodies while completing their assignments; some students may find relief in social gatherings and having heart to heart conversations, some may seek therapy and cope with medications too. There are plenty of methods but deeming one method for all is irrational as every human differs from the other and each person has a separate catharsis to a particular situation. Mathematics can be highly stressful for some, while brining extreme joy to the other. Counseling of students and teaching them fundamental etiquettes which instructs them to help out others are vital to ensuring that all students are able to manage while saving themselves the hassles of mental illness. If a student is unsure of their thesis, they can actively pursue PHD thesis editing service online to render themselves stress free, there is no shame in acquiring any sort of assistance. Humans are prone to mistakes and pushing oneself beyond what their body can bear will ultimately cause them harm.

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