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Guide To Getting Your Skin Ready For Summer

The summer season means people are showing a lot more skin. Suddenly there are end caps with sunscreen and tanning creams on every grocery store aisle. It’s a constant reminder that you have to pamper and protect your skin during the summer months.

Some skin solutions take longer than others to produce results, so if you want your skin looking it’s best on the first day of summer now is the time to start addressing epidermis issues.

1.     Diminish Stretch Marks

Perfectly even toned skin may seem like an unattainable goal for anyone with stretch marks. These discolored bands are the result of the skin being stretched to the point that the tissue tears and causes scarring. It’s a very common condition that can occur after growth spurts during puberty, while pregnant or if there’s significant weight gain.

Without treatment stretch marks won’t improve. Countless beauty lines have created products that promise to diminish stretch marks but only a few deliver results. Hydroquinone works to lighten skin discoloration, but some people are highly sensitive to it. An advanced silicone fusion treatment like the one created by Dermaclara can also help reduce the appearance of stretch marks that show during bikini season. The silicone pads can be stuck anywhere on the face or body to soften the look of discoloration and wrinkles in as little as an hour.

2.     Banish Razor Bumps

The only thing worse than stretch marks is sporting razor bumps with your bikini. During the winter we’re given a little reprieve from shaving, but as soon as summer rolls around the razors get dusted off.

Laser hair removal can guarantee smooth skin, but the procedure can be pricy since 3-6 treatments are needed per area. The trick to banishing razor bumps is using the right shaving technique. Start by exfoliating the skin and using a fresh razor. Instead of going against the hair growth, shave in the direction the hair is growing. When you shave against the growth the hairs can get cut off below skin level and cause ingrown hairs.

3.     Slough Off Winter Skin With a Facial

Start summer with a fresh complexion by getting a facial. A trained esthetician can create a custom facial that addresses your exact skin needs. The esthetician will take your skin type and quality into consideration to determine which solution will provide the best results. A good esthetician will also consider how the weather and environment are affecting your skin.

Facials can be used to treat fine lines, discoloration and acne among other things. Because facials are gentle on the skin, you’ll get the most benefit from having a series of facials performed over an extended period. Plus, a day at the spa will help combat stress hormones that can cause acne flare-ups.

4.     Switch Up Your Moisturizer

During the winter when the air is dry most people need a heavier moisturizer to keep skin hydrated. However, the summertime brings higher humidity levels that can make skin oilier. That’s why it’s important to switch up your moisturizer as summer rolls around.

Set the heavy creams aside, and opt for a lighter formula. Gel moisturizers are a good option if you have normal skin. If your skin tends to get oily try an oil-free mattifying moisturizer. The most important factor to look for is a lightweight formula that will absorb into the skin. Bonus points if it also contains broad spectrum UV protection.

5.     Drink Up

When the summer heats up humans sweat to help regulate the temperature inside the body. Sweating depletes the body of moisture, which needs to be replaced. If you’re not properly hydrated one of the first places it will start to show is your skin.

Staying hydrated seems like a simple task, but the majority of adults don’t drink the recommended daily amount of water. Make sure you drink at least eight cups of water a day (more if you’re active or out in hot weather for a prolonged period). If you plan to exercise it’s best to drink water before, during and after the workout to avoid dehydration. One of the best ways to increase fluid intake throughout the day is to get a water bottle. Keep the water bottle with you as a reminder to drink up.

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