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Top 7 Health Benefits of Yogurt That You Must Know

The word yogurt has been derived from a Turkish word which means “To Thickens” or “To Coagulate” something. We use yogurt for been around absolute ages. The first use of yogurt in history dates back to ancient Greek! Yogurt proves very healthy for human health. Although it is liked by the royal personnel, including the likes of Akbar (the Mughal emperor) now it is a common food. People use yogurt with their meal daily and it is available easily and cheaply.

People eat yogurt for so many reasons, but, the question is how yogurt is made?

The easy explanation of how yogurt is formed is when the bacteria ferment the milk. Lactose a natural sugar which is common to milk, lactose then attacked by the “yogurt culture”, through which the sugar is a breakdown. Due to this reason, this gives the yogurt a tart taste. Basically, after this, the lactose sugar is then breakdown into an acid which is called lactic acid. This Acid (Lactic acid) then reacts with the protein-containing component of milk. This coagulates the milk, by changing its texture completely. Thus yogurt is created easily. 

 This is so easy that you can also make it in our home within little time. Also through the different process different types of yogurt remain pretty much the same, another question is which types of milk are being used in the formation of yogurt? You can use different varieties of milk. Full-cream, Skimmed milk, or full-fat milk can be used in this process. From full cream variant of milk, it produces the yogurt with full fat. And if you like plain yogurt so you cannot add any component, then the product will be white and have the tangy taste and zingy flavor.

The problem nowadays, with the commercialization of products, is that plain yogurt is difficult to find. Almost every form of yogurt has some sort of added preservatives or the other. This includes the ones which contain not only preservatives but also a lot of sugar. It may even contain artificial sweeteners. The healthiest version is plain yogurt. There are a lot of benefits to adding plain yogurt to your diet as well.

Let us see a few of these benefits, shall we

1. Nutrient-Rich:

The important benefit of yogurt is, it is rich whit nutrients. As nutrients are very important for the healthy development of the body and these are also important for our daily functioning of the body. As it is formed from milk, they contain a lot of calcium which is important for our bones. Adding one to two cups of yogurt in our diet daily can complete our calcium requirements. It protects you from Heart attacks.

2. Protein-Rich:

This one is very obvious. Milk contains a high amount of protein; yogurt is also a product of milk so it is quite necessary to say that milk and yogurt contain a high amount of protein. So the daily intake of yogurt can maintain your daily protein requirements as well as it can also help you to regulate your hunger. When you something protein-rich, you tend to feel fuller longer. This means you are less likely to snack on junk food.

3. Digestive Health:

There are different components of yogurt that can enhance the effectiveness of your digestive juice slightly. Some components of yogurt add probiotics into it, which help you in your digestive process and maintain your healthy. This process is viable just because yogurt gets pasteurized. Due to the pasteurization, this kills the bacteria in the yogurt.

4. Immune System:

Probiotics are present in yogurt which can help in strengthening the body’s immune system. Probiotics contain agents that reduce inflammation in the body. Thus, when we use yogurt daily the result is your body is saved from viral infection and less disorder. Remember that if your immune system is strong you are healthy! 

5. Helps against osteoporosis:

Osteoporosis is due to the lack of calcium; osteoporosis attacks the bones and makes them very weak. One of the easy ways to maintain calcium level in over body is the intake of yogurt daily. Because yogurt is rich with calcium. So the daily consumption of yogurt makes yogurt bones strong and maintains the calcium level. 

6. Heart Health:

Yogurt proves effective in the control of heart health. Once it was considered controversial because it contains a high amount of saturated fat. These fats proved to be very bad for the heart. But the recent research proved this to wrong. The amount of saturated fat in it helps to raise the level of “good” cholesterol in your body. This “good” cholesterol is the HDL cholesterol in the body. Moreover, recent studies have also shown that people who eat it daily tend to have a lower risk of heart disease or heart attacks. It can also reduce your blood pressure! Reduced blood pressure means that your heart also remains in a much healthier state!

7. Weight Management:

Yogurt proved very useful in maintaining the weight of the body. As t contain a high amount of protein, so after the intake of yogurt it makes you feel less hungry. Protein works more effectively than carbohydrates or fats. Daily intake of yogurt can help you to maintain your body weight or lose bodyweight. It prevented you from junk food which is unhealthy. Moreover, studies have proven that yogurt reduces the number of daily calories consumed. It can thereby help reduce the risk of obesity!

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