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Trending Tools of Adult Circumcision Revision in 2019

Last year in 2018 a large number of adult males had circumcision surgery and were satisfied with it but many others were not either satisfied with the previously had surgical procedure or there was a problem with surgery. Now in 2019 men are having adult circumcision revision with new improved tools that have been introduced.

Adult Circumcision Revision Surgery:

In adults is very uncommon to have a circumcision revision because most of the time the normal circumcision goes well planned and is successful but what if for some reason this procedure goes wrong or any other complication develops?

Sometimes it happens that the foreskin of the penis can develop scars, is uneven or is not removed properly, stretchy or there is constant pain. If you develop these symptoms, it is important that you immediately consult the surgeon.

How does the Procedure work?

You need to go to a urologist in a hospital or clinic to get the revision surgery. The surgeon will give you general anaesthesia which will make the area numb to perform them smoothly. He can use different techniques to make the wrong into right.

Kinds or Surgery Revision:

The following methods are used by different surgeons in various clinics and institutes;

The Sleeve Surgical Technique:

This method is used to pull up or can be pushed the skin forward to reposition it into place. It is used to remove the excess or regulate the uneven skin.

Frenuloplasty Revision:

At many times the surgeons are not well qualified to do the surgical circumcision process and leave the procedure incomplete. So this revision surgery is done to reduce the pain in the penis which is due to the incorrect procedure.

Other techniques:

There are several other techniques that the surgeons use to eliminate any scars that develop on the penis especially after the first circumcision done. This can cause uneasy and irritation

Advantages of Revision Surgery:

The people who have their first circumcision experience many pleasantries. But that doesn’t mean that those who have revision surgeries get no vantage point. They do have their own benefits which are discussed following;   

  1. They improve their personal hygiene even more.
  2. The appearance of the penis is made better.
  3. Elimination of pain in the penis during sex.
  4. General bleeding and pain are reduced after having the initial circumcision surgical procedure.
  5. Higher in self-esteem and development of self-confidence.

You can always ask any surgeon for further advantages of circumcision. There are several clinics in the vicinity of Atlanta, Circumcision Center can be consulted which is a particular one amongst so many.

Tools of Adult Circumcision Revision in 2019:

Although there are many tools and instruments that surgeons use to perform circumcision, not all are used for adult circumcision surgery. The various circumcision tools that are used are a following;

  1. Ali’s Clamp
  2. Accucirc
  3. Circumplast
  4. Ismail Clamp
  5. Gomco Clamp
  6. Mogen clamp
  7. PrePex
  8. Plastibell
  9. Smart Clamp
  10. Sunathrone
  11. Shang Ring
  12. Tara Klamp
  13. SurgiPex
  14. Winkelmann clamp
  15. Zhenxi rings
  16. Unicirc
  17. AlisKlamp

The very few tools that are used for adult’s revision surgery are mentioned below;

Shang Ring:

This is a dispensable device made by plastic. They have a couple of concentric rings that are available in 32 sizes for all types of adults. In addition to this, a measuring tape is given to check the size before doing the procedure and is much simpler than the flip technique.


It consists of three things; an inner, replacement and thread. The inner ring is placed on the replacement one then stretched from the base to the tip of the penis. Then this device is turned so that the foreskin is removed without any loss of blood.


This is the latest tool introduced to the world of adult circumcision. It is very much alike the Gomco clamp but the postoperative blood loss is much less. The 8 sizes of this device make it easy for the surgeons to undergo the procedure on any size within 5 minutes.

Tara Klamp:

Another single-use device is preferred because after one use it is thrown for hygienic reasons. The penis is grabbed with the clamp and circulated so that the skin is cut me a circular motion.

Gomco Clamp:

A bell and post are placed on the glans so that the excess skin is placed on the bell. Then for skin is removed with the help of a scalpel. It was developed in the 1930s but the surgeons still find it trending as most people still want to have the procedure done this way.


The penis is inserted in the bell and the skin is pulled and tied with a string to keep it in place and then the skin is cut with scissors.As you can see that although some of these devices are old but still are in trending for adult circumcision revision surgery.

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