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You’re sick. Are your symptoms COVID-19, the flu or a common cold?

You spike a fever, begin hacking and create windedness.

Is it COVID-19, influenza or the normal virus?

“This is a troublesome differentiation to make,” said Dr. Iahn Gonsenhauser, Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center’s main quality and patient wellbeing official.

Cold and influenza season by and large beginnings in October and can go as late as May, with influenza action topping among December and February.

Every one of the three diseases are brought about by respiratory infections and offer a portion of similar manifestations, however they can have altogether different results.

You have a hack and a fever. Is it COVID-19, this season’s virus, or a typical virus?


Average manifestations of a virus incorporate hack, sore throat, nasal clog, and sniffling, which regularly please steadily.

Flu can cause these side effects too, however typically additionally incorporates fever or chills, weakness and migraine. The most exceptional manifestation is head-to-toe body hurts, Gonsenhauser said.

A few people, particularly youngsters, additionally have gastrointestinal issue, for example, sickness or the runs, said Dr. Joseph Gastaldo, OhioHealth’s clinical chief for irresistible infections. Influenza side effects will in general come on more out of nowhere and are commonly more extreme than those for colds.

Coronavirus side effects regularly incorporate a dry hack, fever or chills, and windedness. Yet, individuals report a wide scope of different side effects, incorporating cerebral pains simply like with this season’s virus however which are once in a while observed with a cool, Gastaldo said.

Something that sets COVID-19 separated from the other two sicknesses is loss of taste or smell, Gonsenhauser said. Individuals may likewise get rashes or sores on their fingers or toes. Also, numerous individuals have no indications by any stretch of the imagination, he said.

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Basic colds normally resolve all alone in about seven days without treatment. The vast majority with flu or COVID-19 recuperate inside half a month, however these ailments can prompt more genuine medical issue and can be lethal, particularly for individuals who are more established or immunocompromised, said Gonsenhauser, which is the reason he suggests seeing a specialist if your manifestations are serious.

“There are conceivably intense repercussions in the event that we are self-diagnosing and misdiagnosing,” he added, proposing that individuals let a medical care proficient make a conclusion.

Little youngsters are bound to have extreme influenza manifestations yet are at lower hazard for serious COVID-19, said Dr. Dane Snyder, area head of Nationwide Children’s division of essential consideration pediatrics.

But since there are no genuine mark side effects of COVID-19 for youngsters like loss of smell or taste as there are for grown-ups, Dane prescribes guardians converse with their pediatrician about conceivably getting a COVID test if their kids are indicating manifestations.

That is particularly obvious on the off chance that they’ve been close to somebody with Covid or have been in a territory where bunches of individuals have answered to have gotten Covid, he said.


There are a ton of inquiries twirling around about the current year’s influenza season including how infectious and risky the current year’s influenza strain will be, in what manner will it interface with COVID-19 and what may occur if an individual gets both this season’s virus and COVID-19.

Be that as it may, one thing is without a doubt:

It has never been more essential to get your influenza shot, Gonsenhauser said.

“I need everyone to get this season’s virus shot since, in such a case that you do have manifestations of flu and COVID-19 and on the off chance that you have influenza shot, measurably there’s a lower probability that it will be influenza and a possibly higher probability that it will be COVID-19,” Gastaldo said.

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